EC - Electric Clamp

The EC, or electric clamp, is perfect for clamping and holding a wide variety of loads, including drums and rolls. Exchangeable gripper hands allow the EC to quickly be adapted to different loads in the same workspace; simply pull out two pins and the gripper hands can be exchanged.
Combining the EC with a rotation unit (ERU) allows loads to be both gripped and rotated. This allows for emptying of containers or reorientation of loads; for instance rolls which need to be placed on a machine mandrel.


  • Electrically powered for safe and powerful gripping of loads.
  • Exchangeable gripper hands - Simply pull out two pins to replace gripper hands.

  • Combine with electric rotation unit for both gripping and rotation of loads.
  • Easy customization: dimensions can be modified to customer specifications.

  • Rugged construction for industrial use. With its all-stainless steel construction, the EC is built to last and for use in demanding industrial environments.

  • Available in hygienic design for use in cleanrooms and the food/beverage industry.

EC - Electric Clamp - Images