Our standard lifter for use in most environments. All major components are made of steel, making these lifters strong and durable. The standard colour of RAL 9007 is achieved by powder coating; other RAL colours are available on request.
Built on a modular concept, these lifters are designed to fit a large number of standard lifting tools (LINK) and to be easily adaptable to custom-built solutions.
Based on durable and tested components, these are lifters built for industry with prolonged and hard use in mind.

The N-line comes in three different versions, the N-150, N-300 and N-500. These are capable of lifting 150, 300 and 500 kg (including the lifting tool), respectively. These lifters will handle all of our diffenrent lifting tools, including the electrical versions.

Please follow the links below for more detailed information on each of the versions of the N-line.


The lightest lifter in the N-line. Easy to manoeuvre, highly adaptable and capable of lifting up to 150 kg (including the mounted lifting tool).
The N-300 is the medium sized lifter in the N-line. This lifter is capable of lifting up to 300 kg (including the mounted lifting tool) and able to utilise all of our lifting tools, both manual and electric.
The N-500 is the largest lifter in the N-line. Capable of lifting up to 500 kg (including the mounted lifting tool) and highly adaptable, making it a perfect choice for heavy loads.