Our SP-line of lifters is tailored for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry with focus on compliance to industry standards. Ideal for use in cleanrooms, these lifters are used for a wide variety of lifting tasks, including lifting and rotating all manner of drums, vessels, filter houses, boxes etc. Custom solutions and a wide range of options are also available to suit almost any need.
We understand how crucial compliance is in pharmaceutical production. As such, ease of cleaning and hygienic design has been a top priority throughout the design of our SP-series lifters. All lifers are rated IP65 as well as resistant to caustic cleaners and as such are suitable for pharmaceutical cleaning practices.


The lightest lifter in the SP-line. Easy to manoeuvre, highly adaptable and capable of lifting up to 150 kg (including the mounted lifting tool).
The SP-300 is the medium sized lifter in the SP-line. This lifter is capable of lifting up to 300 kg (including the mounted lifting tool) and able to utilise all of our lifting tools, both manual and electric.
The SP-500 is the largest lifter in the SP-line. Capable of lifting up to 500 kg (including the mounted lifting tool) and highly adaptable, making it a perfect choice for heavy loads.