Electrical manipulators are lifting tools that in themselves can be turned, swung or otherwise moved electrically to help position the load. This is an advantage over manual manipulators when the user does not have easy access to the lifting tool when the load must be manipulated, e.g. lifting to a height were access is restricted. Also electrical manipulators can offer faster speeds than manual manipulators and handle heavier loads.
In cases where a tactile sense of the load is needed during positioning or for more cost efficient solutions, see our manual manipulators here.

For an overview of our electrical manipulators, see below:

The electrical leveling unit allows an attached lifting tool to be tilted up or down to make sure this tool is level or otherwise matches the angle of the load to be lifted.
For reels that need to be gripped around the outer perimeter and subsequently lifted and tipped, then ERG offers a fully electrically powered solution to do just that.
The electrical roll manipulator allows for easy lifting and tipping of rolls. A good solution if the operator does not have easy access to the lifting tool while turning and gripping are performed.
The ERU lets you rotate a load using an electric motor and gear. This tool can be combined with several other lifting tools, such as grippers and double mandrels.
Typically combined with an electric linear clamp (ELC), the ETU allows for the load to be tipped forward using an electric motor and gear.