Non-manipulators are simple lifting tools that support a load. Typically designed to accommodate a specific type of load, these tools are found in countless different versions.
In cases where the load needs to be manipulated beyond being lifted up and down, see our manual and electrical manipulators.

For an overview of our non-manipulator lifting tools, see below:

The adjustable fork allows for easy adjustment of the distance between the tines. A good solution for instance when boxes of different dimensions need to be lifted.
This simple tool lets the user suspend a load from a wire or a chain with a hook or karabiner at the end. Being incredibly versatile, the crane arm can lift a multitude of different loads.
The double mandrel is perfect for picking up cylindrical loads, such as rolls and reels. The round geometry prevents the surface of the load from being damaged.
Powered by an electrical actuator and with exchangeable gripper hands, the EC is perfect for clamping and holding a wide variety of loads, including drums and rolls.
The EEU is electrically powered and designed to grip the core of a roll. Then roll can then be lifted and also turned if this tool is combined with an ERU.
Powered by an electrical motor and due to the linear motion, the ELC is perfect for powerful clamping and holding of a wide variety of loads, including drums and rolls. 
The simple fork (F) is capable of holding a multitude of different loads. Dimensions can be customized to fit your specific requirements.
The fork with notches (FN) is designed to hold shafts for roll cores, allowing for subsequent easy lifting.
Manual clamp with spindel.
Metal platform with rollers.
Plastic platform with rollers.
Mandrel with rollers.