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- An Innovative Material Handling Company

2Lift material handling company - lift distribution by country, worldmap.2Lift ApS is an innovative engineering material handling company with local roots in Denmark but arms out to the entire world.

In 2Lift we design and manufacture high quality mobile lifting and handling solutions for industry use in international markets.

2Lift itself is a fairly young company born in 2008. The people giving 2Lift life, however, have both long-standing knowledge of the lifting trade along with high-level skills in technical engineering and design, programming and forging.

For more in-depth insights into the soul of 2Lift: the history of our material handling company, our markets, milestones, corporate structure and personality, please pay our Profile a visit. To discover our corporate values that define our business ethics, please visit our Code of Conduct page.

For now, here is a presentation of our desired contribution to industry:

We Lift Innovation Even Higher ...

Closely monitoring the newest advances in science and engineering technology is a passion, we simply can't help ourselves. Thus it's only natural for us to synergize this acquired knowledge with the highest quality of building materials to create the best lifting and handling solutions possible.

Even though we love the bespoke process of reinventing our lifters to suit special industry needs, we also have a wide range of standard solutions available in both steel and stainless steel.

... To Lift Heavy Loads Easily

Electric lifter carrying lots of heavy boxes on a platform. The result of merging new scientific knowledge and quality material is that our typical lifters are both lightweight and manoeuvrable as well as very strong, solid and reliable.

The low weight and high mobility means that our lifters require very little force to handle (no weightlifter skills required) and are easily manoeuvrable, thus also perfectly suited for tight and awkward environments.

Slim and elegant design does not mean delicate. All depending on your needs, our lifters can lift up to 150 kg and 300 kg, be that e.g. reels, pallets, boxes, or drums.

We consider our lifters some of the highest quality lifters on the market today for the storage, food / beverage and pharmaceutical industry.

... In Order to Lift up Work Processes and Employees' Health

2Lift aims to have further reaching goals than merely aiding in lifting heavy objects.

2Lift wants to improve peoples' lives by enriching industry with a safer work environment with fewer work injuries and faster, more efficient work processes. These values are fundamental to our mission statement which you can explore further here.  

Mike Hancock
Chief Executive Officer

Nordrupvej 65
4200 Slagelse, Denmark
(+45) 61 70 54 70

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Discover the principles of 2Lift’s business ethics by reading the employee code of conduct. A download version is also available.

A sharp presentation of 2Lift's mission statement along with an explanation of how the mission is realized.

A full description of 2Lift's company profile including business focus, primary industries and markets, company history, corporate structure and personality.

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