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Innovative Modularly Built Material Handling Products for Heavy Industrial Use

Quality parameters for material handling products: ergonomics, industry regulations (GMP), modular design, strength and solidity. 2Lift ApS.

At 2Lift we offer a broad palette of material handling products designed for intense industrial use in situations requiring heavy lifting and handling of rolls / reels, drums, pallets, boxes, and other loads.

When work conditions are demanding, the list of product requirements to be met in the design of the electric lifters are often long and challenging.

To help you in the best way we can, we have incorporated the following quality parameters into all our solutions for industrial lifting equipment:

  • Strong, resilient, and reliable – adding efficiency to your internal transport operations and optimizing on your workflow dynamics.
  • Ergonomic, healthy, and safe – ensuring correct lifting procedures to minimize the strains on the human body thus preventing work-related injuries.
  • Flexible, compatible, and innovative – adding a variety of end-solution options via intelligent modular design which e.g. allows for easy customisation and/or swift replacement of e.g. lifter tools.
  • Abiding by industry regulations – strictly following industry standards and specific regulations (e.g. GMP) in the recommended choice of steel alloy, surface design, ingress protection (IP) and surface roughness (Ra).

How Can We Help You?

Material handling products from 2Lift: electric lifters, lifter tools and options for lifters.

Do any of these points match what you are looking for?:

  • You’re here because you have a specific item that you need to lift and handle and are thus looking to find concrete examples of material handling products that mirror your type of lifting load and nature of handling task.
  • You’re here because you are looking to see if we can meet the specific requirements and regulations pertaining to your industry.
  • You’re an existing customer and already know our products and are looking for specific information regarding your product line or have a new lifting challenge that you want see if we can help you with.

If the answer is “yes”, then you have come to the right place.

Here are informative places you can visit to know more about our Material Handling Products:

Our 5 Lines of Electric Lifters

The lifters themselves are the strong and reliable backbone of our large range of material handling solutions. We can offer 5 lines of electric vertical lifters with distinguishing parameters such as e.g. steel alloys and ingress protection.

What Do You Need to Lift and Handle?

Material lifting equipment for boxes in flexible modular design.
Boxes / Bins

Examples of industrial material lifting equipment for lifting and handling all sizes, types, and materials of boxes. We offer lifting tools such as platforms, adjustable double forks and scissor clamps.

Easily customisable pallet lifter equipment for any industry.
Pallets / Skids

Examples of flexible pallet lifter equipment and customised pallet lifters that can lift any type and size of pallets and skids. We can easily adjust the lifters to suit your work area and the forks to suit your pallets.

A wide variaty of barrel and drum handler products.
Drums / Barrels

Examples of drum handler solutions for lifting and handling any type of drums or barrels using scissor clamps, linear clamps or platforms. Our drum lifter solutions can rotate drums sideways or tip them forward.

High quality roll lifting equipment for handling e.g. paper.
Reels / Rolls

Examples of reel and roll lifting equipment. Our adjustable roll and reel lifters are built with either core grip (mandrels), or as external handling solutions (scissor clamps, boom/V-block or double mandrels).

What Is Your Industry?

Highly adaptable handling machinery for the storage industry.

Examples of flexible lifting and handling machinery for the storage industry, and info on how our ergonomic lifting equipment help prevent injuries, increases workflow efficiency and optimizes on workspace utilisation.

Hygienic electric lifters designed for the food and beverage industry.
Food / Beverage

Examples of electric lifter equipment for the food and beverage industry, and info on how we live up to regulations (e.g. GMP) via hygienic and fully waterproof materials and easy-to-clean design.

GMP compliant pharmaceutical material handling products for low contamination risk.

Examples of cleanroom-proof, GMP compliant material handling solutions for the pharma / medical industry, and info on how we help safeguarding environmental control to lower product contamination risks.

Why Choose Us?
– The Special Features of 2Lift Material Handling Products

Boiled down to the essence, there are 3 main features that define all material handling equipment from 2Lift.

– Uncompromising quality priorities
– Exceptional design flexibility via modular design
– Highly prioritized safety measures

Uncompromising Quality Priorities

High quality material handling products: drum handler example. 2Lift ApS.

When a piece of material handling equipment starts supplying machines and personnel with needed materials for industrial production, the lifter automatically becomes an essential part of the chain of a manufacturing process. Personnel come to rely on the lifters, making solidity and reliability key issues.

We do our best to live up to these expectations by implementing the following in all our products:

– We use only the highest quality components in our lifters. Quality is always the first priority in component selection with no compromises allowed. Most components are of a German or Danish origin, and we make no short cuts regarding living up to industry regulations.

Thus e.g. when building GMP optimized stainless steel material handling products, there will no aluminium or galvanised steel parts anywhere, and the use of oils and grease is a thing of the past as we use a toothed belt as the lifting mechanism inside our lifting columns.

– Built for longevity. Our electric lifters are dimensioned for a 20-year life expectancy assuming normal use . This is excluding wear and tear elements such as wheels and batteries. As such elements tend to have a limited life span, they are naturally included in our spare part program.

Exceptional Design Flexibility via Modular Design

Roll lifting equipment in modular design. Flexible roll handling for all needs. 2Lift ApS.

Each facility and each industry is different. Thus the parameters for lifting and handling operations vary widely.

– Loads vary in geometry and weight.
– The direction and type of manipulation varies depending on the task itself.
– The presence of doors, ceilings, machine parts and other obstructions differ greatly and may in some instances cause challenges in terms of restricted access.

When we designed our lifters, we knew that in many circumstances a standard solution would not do. Therefore, we adopted a modular approach to all our material handling products:

– Our module-to-module compatibility allows for a very broad palette of design opportunities.
– With modular standardisation as the solid basis, potential customisation of the lifter tools (end-effectors) becomes easy and thus cost-effective.

Apart from custom dimensions, we also deliver a wide variety of other options including:
– Stainless steel (AISI 304 and AISI 316L)
– Waterproofing (IP65)
ATEX directive compatibility
Electrostatic discharge (ESD)
Alternative RAL colour
Exchangeable batteries
Programmable position stop (PPS)
Docking system
A rapid tool change adaptor (RTC) (allowing the same lifter to use multiple lifting tools)

Highly Prioritized Safety Measures in Our Material Handling Products

Material handling products where safety and ergonomics come first. Box lifter with tipping option. Double fork and rotation unit.

During lifting and handling operations, safety should always be the first priority. Therefore it is one of the main focus points in the design process and testing procedures.

– During the design phase, calculations are made to ensure that all safety factors for strength exceed industry standards by a comfortable margin. This is to reduce the risk of back injury as well as other forms of injury sustained from manual lifting. Apart from the added user safety, this also ensures an added degree of reliability.

– To ensure operator safety in regard to using the lifter, we of course adhere to all applicable industry standards and regulations. We also conduct thorough risk evaluations and address the “what if”-scenarios that may lead to safety issues.

– We implement technical features such as:
– safety clutches
– overload protection
– hold-to-run controls
– emergency stops, when applicable.

– Our factory testing procedures also work to eliminate safety issues that might arise from assembly or component errors. We test everything rigorously before it leaves our facility and document it with photos, video and checklists.

– In many lifting and handling operations, safety also applies to the load in addition to the operator. Some of our customers use our material handling products for loads with values exceeding 100.000 €. Dropping or damaging a load due to failure of the lifting equipment is not acceptable to us; this is of course reflected in our product.

If You Believe We Can Help You, Please Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us

Contact 2Lift.

Finding the right lifter solution for both the lifting/handling operation, work environment layouts and industry branch is no easy task. Such complexity makes communication before the design phase that much more important.

In 2Lift we put a lot of effort into this requirements discovery process to make sure that no detail is left out before designing and building our customers’ material handling products. To this end, we have a fully standardized communications procedure to ensure the best possible result.

We hope you enjoyed our presentation of how we hope to help you. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to do our best to answer them and are looking forward to hearing from you.

A wide selection of handling equipment and lifting tools, easily customisable.
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Customised lifting equipment for different work environments and work situations.
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