PPS – Programmable Position Stop

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PPS – Programmable Position Stop:
A Material Handling Technology for Stopping the Lifting Tool at Pre-Selected Heights

The remote control for programmable position stop (PPS): A material handling technology for stopping the lifting tool accurately at pre-selected heights.

Our material handling technology, the programmable position stop system (PPS), allows the user to pre-select 10 height positions, which can then easily be recalled allowing the lifter to stop precisely at the desired height.

This is ideal for situations where the user on a regular basis needs to lift to several specific heights, which must be reached with a relatively high degree of accuracy. For instance shelving systems, mandrels for rolls, docking of vessels, etc.

The remote control for the PPS-system is fitted with a digital display showing the current height of the lifting tool in millimeters. Additionally, there are 10 buttons for the selected positions; to reach the desired positions the user simply holds down the button until the position is reached. All programming and operation of electric lifting tools is also done using the remote, ensuring ease of use.

The PPS-system uses a high-resolution encoder to determine the position of the lifting height. This results in an accuracy of +/- 1.5 mm when positioning the carriage of the lifter.