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Ergonomic Industrial Material Handling Machinery for Storage Environments in all Industries

Up and down. In and out. To and from.

With correct handling machinery, this is a fast-paced process of the lifting, handling, and movement of your storage goods. Without the correct material handling equipment things quickly slow down, become irregular, and perhaps even at times, stop completely.

Regardless of whether you come from the pharmaceuticalfood and beverage, automotive, technological, machine builder, retail, cosmetics, packaging, or some other industry, if you have a storage facility or warehouse, you also have storage goods that are being lifted and moved around.

The specifics (the type of lifting and handling) may differ a bit from industry to industry, but the basics are the same. It’s repetitive. It’s ongoing. In short, there is most likely a lot of lifting going on!

Ergonomic storage handling machinery for more efficient workflow. Easy lifting of boxes and pallets. 2Lift ApS.The question now is, how we can help you? You’re probably here for a very good reason. Perhaps you want to:

– Store more healthily
– Store more efficiently
– Simply, just store more

If the above sounds familiar, we are fairly certain that we can help you achieve your goal. And as an added bonus, our material handling equipment will not only help you achieve one of the above goals, it will most likely help you pave the way for all three of them.

Finding the optimal material handling machinery can satisfy many of the parameters that together add to overall healthy business growth.

Thus a 2Lift industrial material handling lift contributes to optimizing on the parameters of:

  • Ergonomics: Improved health, fewer work injuries, and higher work force satisfaction.
  • Workflow efficiency: Handling more and heavier loads at once.
  • Work space utilization: Allowing for the storing of more goods in less space.
Ergonomic electric material handling equipment for all storage environments. 2Lift ApS.

Thus with the ideal handling machinery you get to optimize on all the ‘layers’ of your working environment: The space itself, what goes on in the space and those moving around in it.

For now, let’s take an even closer look at those different benefits.

Store More Healthily …
– The Right Handling Machinery for Optimal Ergonomics

Did you know that inappropriate manual material handling and lifting is one of the top leading causes of injury in the workplace?

  • That over 36 percent of the injuries causing sick days are the result of shoulder and back trauma? (Reference)
  • That about 60 percent of all workmen’s compensation claims are associated with manual material handling? (Reference)

Needless to say, there is a lot to gain – not only in human terms, but also financial – if ergonomically correct material handling becomes a business priority.

When workers use optimal ergonomic handling machinery, the occurrence and severity of musculoskeletal injuries (e.g. muscle pulls, back sprains, wrist damage, elbow injuries, spinal trauma etc.) from lifting heavy loads will be significantly reduced.

Our industrial material handling equipment supports ergonomic interests by ensuring that the lifting, pushing, pulling, and twisting force limits are within the recommended range, so that all manual tasks required by the lifter will put the least amount of strain on the human body. In other words, lifting and handling now becomes a safe and effortless task for your staff.

With our ergonomic handling machinery, your employees will now be able to:

Comfortably lift loads in an ergonomically correctly manner
Easily lift goods to a specific desired height (e.g. for storage or working purposes)
Safely lift as frequently as needed without straining their body
Effortlessly lift heavy items without the risk accident or injury.

Electric storage handling machinery for lifting heavy boxes, drums, pallets and rolls. 2Lift ApS.

Store More Efficiently …
– The Ideal Material Handling Lift for Workflow Improvement

Roll handling equipment for storage environments. 2Lift ApS.With a robust and solid material handling lift as a mechanical bodily extension, everybody will be able to work with strength and efficiency.

With the introduction of industrial material handling machinery in your storage environment, all of a sudden, everybody will be able to lift up to 500 kilos all at once! The potential disadvantage of being a senior or of short and small stature is gone. Everybody can do the same tasks, quickly, effortlessly, and efficiently and without risking putting their physical health on the line.

Such an improvement of the workflow by boosting the lifting and handling capacity, means that your employees can:

  • Safely lift several loads of 100 kilos each at once, rather than just one load at e.g. 15 kilos at a time.
  • Work for longer without tiring.
  • Work faster without risking injury.
  • Do one-person jobs, where before it may have required the joined efforts of two persons.

Store More …
– The Perfectly Dimensioned Electric Lifter Allowing for Optimal Space Usage

Electric material handling lift for storage. Perfect fit for small spaces. 2Lift ApS.Space is money. And less space, is even more money.


Because as you are probably all to aware of, less space means lower rent. It also means shorter transport distance of goods for your staff lifting and handling inside your storage facility.  

So if you’re looking into either increasing your storage capacity or to make the most of the storage space you’ve already got, you probably already know how worthwhile it is to store as much as possible in as little and tight a space as possible.

Okay, all this is very well, but it does leave you with another issue to deal with: Storage items need a certain amount of free space in order to be lifted and handled properly, and how do you get your storage facility to fit the rather large and awkward handling machinery?

Well, you don’t! You go the other way around!

You get the handling machinery to fit your storage space.

At 2Lift we specialize in custom building electric lifters to suit challenging working environments. We can adapt and dimension our material handling machinery to fit into tight spaces where you need to lift and handle your goods.


Narrow aisles
Tight corners 
Short rack depth
Tall floor to ceiling shelving
Low ceilings or door frames

… pose no problem anymore.

Thanks to the flexibility in the 2Lift Modular Design, we can easily e.g. shorten the lifter’s legs, lower the lifter’s height, reduce the lifter’s width etc. and fit our material handling equipment to suit the unique geometry of your storage environment.

Not a Storage Space Owner but a Package or Storage System Company?

2Lift not only delivers material handling equipment to industries with storage lifting and handling needs, but also to the storage and packaging industry itself.

In this regard, we are both an independent supplier of electric lifters to storage and packaging system companies, and an OEM supplier to storage, packaging, and handling solutions.

Please contact us, if you would like to discuss the possibility of our contribution to a storage or packaging system.   

Gallery of Handling Machinery for Storage Environments and Systems
– Standard and Customized Material Handling Solutions

In the gallery below you will find examples of industrial material handling solutions that we have designed for storage handling in different industries.

Not only can we easily customize the dimensions of our lifters, we can also adapt and customize the lifter tools to handle whatever you need to lift in whichever non-standard shape it may be.

So regardless of the geometry of your boxespalletsdrums, or rolls and reels, we can ensure the optimal fit.

Electric lifter soulution with a fork that lifts a white box.

Model F: Electric Lifter with Fork for Boxes

This electric lifter solution features a simple fork with which to lift boxes af a given size.

The dimensions of the fork can be modified as required.

Material handling equipment with adjustable fork and red boxes.

Model AF: Material Handling Equipment with Adjustable Fork

This piece of material handling equipment features a fork, the width of which is adjustable – this allows for easy handling of boxes of different dimensions.

On this industrial lifting solution, a vertical lift in stainless steel is mounted a fork with tilting support (self-clamping edges) ideal for handling metal boxes.

Model F: Storage Handling Machinery with Fork Fitted with Self-clamping Edges

This lifting solution is ideal for metal boxes, since the self-clamping edges supply a firm grip, even when the boxes are deformed or damaged.

Material handling machinery for storage featuring a platform with rollers at the edges to ease loading and off-loading. On the platform are two green plastic boxes.

Model PPR: Lifting Equipment with Platform and Rollers

A platform with rollers allows for easy tranfer of boxers or other item on and off the platform.

Electric pallet lifter solution to lift half pallet with e.g. motors.

Model F: Electric Handling Machinery for Pallets

We offer pallet lifter solutions to handle pallets of all shapes and sizes.

Custom lifter tool with specially designed platform for handling cassettes. A storage solution (OEM). 2Lift ApS.

Model F: Custom Solutions for Storage Systems

We offer custom solutions to handle items for almost any storage system.

Found an Electric Lifter That Was Spot-On or Perhaps Close to It?

If you did, that is great. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you didn’t find what you needed, well, no problem, as we specialize in custom industrial material handling machinery.

We can build our material handling equipment to fit any storage environment (or storage and package system), and lift and handle nearly any item you can think of.

If you find us a good match for your needs or have any questions regarding anything material handling related, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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