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Flexible Industrial Pallet Lifter Equipment That Goes Beyond the Ordinary Pallet Jack

Display of flexible pallet lifter equipment in steel and stainless steel. 2Lift.

The pallet lifter is undoubtedly the most widespread piece of material handling equipment – which is easily seen in terms of the sheer numbers sold worldwide.

When mentioning pallet handling equipment, the first thing that comes to mind is often the pallet jack. The pallet jack (also known as pallet truck, jigger or ‘dog’) is probably the most widespread type of pallet handling equipment in the warehouse and storage industry. The standard pallet jack is designed to move, transport and stack standard pallets in standard environments.

But what if your electric pallet stacker needs are non-standard?

What if you need to lift and handle:

  • specially designed pallets with atypical dimensions?
  • pallets in a particular way, e.g. by tipping them?
  • pallets in tight or awkward physical spaces?
  • pallets in highly regulated environments, such as clean rooms?

Then you need something else and may even need something custom designed.

Need a Pallet Lifter Solution That Is Beyond the Ordinary?
– Leave It to Us and We Will Guide You Through the Whole Process

In 2Lift we design and build pallet lifters that can lift and handle any type and dimension of pallets, maneuvered around in any type of constricted physical space within any type of industry.

In other words, when building pallet handlers, there are numerous parameters to be aware of, and we will go to great length to cover them all. To meet this end, we have developed a very efficient dialogue procedure, where we investigate your needs from all possible angles to make sure that no stone is left unturned.

Aside from thoroughly mapping out the physical dimensions of your working environment to meet potential spacial restrictions through the lifter design, clearly establishing your industry’s standards and corporate regulations is of paramount importance.

We know the importance of complying to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) in clean room environments and we also know of the dire consequences: human, financial, and corporate, if a manufacturer chooses to cuts corners.

Thus regarding industry rules, we will always go by the book and regarding your expectations, we always strive to go beyond them.

If you decide to work with us, we will guide you through the whole process from beginning to end; and then we have a full technical support system and spare part program available after product delivery.

Customized Pallet Lifting Equipment for all Types of Pallets and Environments

High quality pallet lifter equipment for all types of pallets and skids and in all types of environments. 2Lift ApS.

Just like drumsreels, and boxes come in all sorts of shapes, materials, designs, and sizes, so too, do pallets and skids.

We can build pallet lifting equipment for whichever type and size of pallet you use in your industry environment, be that a two-way or four-way entry pallets, post pallets or box pallets, single faced or double faced pallets.  

We have experience handling everything from the most predominant and cost-effective wooden pallets typical in the storage industry to cleaning-friendly plastic pallets often used in the food and beverage industry to hygienic stainless steel pallets often applied in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our Flexible 2Lift Modular Design Will Take Your Lifter to Wherever You Need Go – Horizontally and Vertically

Narrow aisles and hallways, tight turning points and low door frames can be a challenge for a standard pallet lifter. And add to that specially positioned shelves or a 3 meter high docking position, and things become really difficult.

But hopefully we can help you here. Our lifters are extremely flexible thanks to the 2Lift Modular Design.

Our design has its roots in the same manner of thinking as Lego®. This means that not only does the 2Lift Modular Design allow us to build pretty much what we please in terms of meeting your load weight (up to 500 kg including the weight of the lifter tool) and handling diversity, we can also adapt our lifters and lifter tools to suit your unique needs.

If some of your needs go beyond our current design, we can custom build the lifter tools, forks, to suit whichever pallet you need lifted. We can shorten or lengthen the lifter’s legs or general height or diminish or broaden the width of the lifter. We can also offer solutions with a pre-programmed stop mechanism, so that the pallet lifter can lift to a precisely predefined shelf height.

If you need pallet lifting equipment especially suited cleanroom environments, we can build it in stainless steel grades of AISI 304 and AISI 316L with an IP65 ingress protection that allows for sterilization or hosing down with water.

In short, there is a lot of things we can do, and we would welcome any opportunity to demonstrate it for you.

Our Gallery of Special Pallet Lifter Solutions

Since most of the pallet lifting equipment we design is bespoke, the following gallery contains examples of various custom pallet lifting designs including pallets in different sizes and types plus different types of loads.

If you’re looking for a standard solution, we recommend our C-Line and N-Line.

For now here is a display of various pallet lifting solutions:

A lightweight pallet lifter equipped with a fork and half a Euro-pallet with 5 cardboard boxes.

Model F: Electric Pallet Lifter for EUR 6 Half Pallets – 140 kg

This pallet lifter lifts and handles EUR 6 half pallets with loads up to 140 kg.

This lightweight electric fork lift is able to lift loads such as pallets up to 130 kg. Here the lifter is lifting a pallet with boxes. 2Lift.

Model F: Pallet Handling Equipment for Plastic Half Pallets – 140 kg

This piece of pallet handling equipment lifts and handles plastic half pallets with loads up to 140 kg.

This vertical lift is ideal as pallet lifting equipment. Here a simple fork is used to lift a blue EUR 1 Euro-Pallet. 2Lift.

Model F: Electric Pallet Stacker for Plastic Pallets – 400 kg

This electric pallet stacker lifts and handles plastic pallets with loads up to 400 kg.

Strong and versatile pallet stacker for EUR 1 Euro-Pallets. Euro pallet with cage. 2Lift.

Model F: Pallet Lift for EUR 1 Euro-Pallets – 400 kg

This industrial pallet lift lifts and handles EUR 1 pallets with loads up to 400 kg.

Adaptable pallet handling equipment with a fork. Half pallet with motors. 2Lift.

Model F: Electric Pallet Lifter for Plastic Half Pallets – 400 kg

This electric pallet lifter lifts and handles plastic half pallets with loads up to 400 kg.

Industrial, electric pallet lifter using a fork to lift a pallet with six large, heavy rolls. 2Lift.

Model F: Pallet Lifting Equipment for Aluminium Pallets – 400 kg

This variant of pallet lifting equipment lifts and handles aluminium pallets with loads up to 400 kg.

Electric pallet stacker. CHEP Pallet. 2Lift.

Model F: Electric Pallet Stacker for CHEP-Pallets – 140 kg

This electric pallet stacker lifts and handles CHEP pallets with loads up to 140 kg.

Electric pallet stacker with dolly. 2Lift.

Model F: Industrial Electric Lifter for Dolly – 140 kg

This industrial electric lifter lifts and handles dollies with loads up to 140 kg. By modifying the fork dimensions diffent types of dollies can be accomodated.

Ergonomics, Safety and Comfort
– We’ve Got Your Back!

Ergonomics and safety go right to the core of why we do, what we do. In fact, they are the raison d’être of lifters. Their justification for existence.

Our material handling lift equipment is built to optimize on ergonomics and prevent work injuries often resulting from continuous heavy lifting. Aside from happier and healthier personnel, there is the extra bonus of optimizing on work flow and processes by making them more efficient.

To ensure the safety and ergonomic goals of our lifters, we have some fixed standardized procedures we go through with every single lifter we make:

  • We always use recognized international standards for maximum human load capacity for lifting, pushing and pulling, and carefully incorporate them into the lifter design. In fact in most cases, we go far below the accepted maximum strain to ensure a safe and comfortable lifting experience.
  • We test every single pallet lifter before it leaves our factory. We use video footage, photos and checklists to document the lifter’s functionality and to minimize the risk of potential errors.
  • Every lifter is wrapped in a protective manner for transport to ensure that it arrives at your premises unharmed and ready to be put to use.

We hope you enjoyed this demonstration of what we can do for you in terms of pallet lifting. If any of this is of interest, we would be very happy to hear from you. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any comments or questions.

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