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Innovative Material Handling Solutions with the 2Lift Modular Design
– Exceptional Flexibility and Easy Customization

Lego® – a simple and ingenious concept.

Material handling solutions from 2Lift follow those exact same build-whatever-you-want principles as those colourful plastic bricks from Lego®. Principles that stem from the clever design approach also known as modular design.

For you, this means that with a 2Lift industrial material handling lift, you get to reap all the powerful benefits of modular flexibility.

Our electric lifters consist of several independent modules (in many different varieties) that you can combine as you wish, all depending on your needs and requirements.

From our broad palette of high quality modules, you have the opportunity to choose the best individually-suited combination of lift equipment to achieve the optimal fit for your heavy industrial lifting and handling needs.

Thus some of the strongest product-orientated benefits of the 2Lift Modular Design are:

– Near-endless design opportunities
– Module-to-module compatibility
– Easy-to-add customisation
– Well-tested reliability

So what does that mean in concrete terms in relation to industrial material handling solutions?

It means that you get:

  • A strong and reliable lifter made of high-functioning, innovative and well-tested modules
  • A lifter that with a bit of customization, easily can become an optimal fit for your work space environment
  • A solution which can successfully manage your specific and perhaps challenging lifting and/or handling operations
  • A material handling lift that is multi purpose – just switch out the lifter tool with another one, and you will be able to lift a completely different type of load than before, be that a reel or rolldrumpallet or box.

To deepen our understanding of how modular design empowers 2Lift material handling solutions, let’s explore the concept of modular design a bit further.

Taking a Closer Look at Modular Design
– Flexibility and Freedom in Material Handling Solutions

In industrial design and manufacturing, modularity refers to the building of a complex product from smaller, independently-existing parts that are easily interchangeable.

This means that ideally a modularly designed product can be assembled and disassembled with ease, without breaking any components or modules.  

In the same manner, our material handling solutions consist of many independent modules that not only provide design flexibility for the optimal end-solution, but it also makes it easy to change the modules for e.g.

  • Change in operation e.g. handling other lifting and handling tasks
  • Replacing modules that are broken or worn out
  • Upgrading modules to a newer version

The Beautiful Symphony of Standardized Modular Design and Customized Innovation

The 2Lift Modular Design in itself can take lifter variations and handling diversity very far in the direction of customization without being actual customization.

However, sometimes the work environment is so spaciously challenging (e.g. with narrow aisles or restricting machine parts) or the loads have shapes so awkward or dimensions so special that modular design in itself can’t bring the lifter all the way to ultimate completion.

When this is the case, there is a need for something more than modular design, something even more flexible. This is where we apply our expert skills in customization.

Customisation can thus be seen as the top layer of flexibility that we can add to your product.

But instead of having to customise everything from scratch, thanks to the modular basis of our lifting equipment, the customisation part of the design and manufacturing process will be easy and manageable. For you this means affordability and faster production time.

In this way with 2Lift material handling solutions, you get the gains of both cost-effective standardisation and innovative customisation.

A Quick Recap of the Benefits of 2Lift Modular Design

Benefits of 2Lift modular design in industrial material handling solutions. 2Lift ApS.

Here is a list of the many product, cost and convenience benefits you achieve with the 2Lift Modular Design.

Exceptional Flexibility

Flexibility in terms of modular compatibility is probably the most obvious and powerful benefit of material handling solutions built from modular design.

Our full-scale modular compatibility allows you to, among other things,:

  • Choose between a wide range of lift equipment combinations, which will ensure an optimal fit to your working area as well as to the loads to be lifted and handled.
  • Have several lifters in one or, a multi purpose electric lifter, if you will. Simply change the lifter tool to be able to lift and handle different types of loads.
  • Easily replace outdated or worn out modules.

Easy Customization

A modular-based material handling lift serves as an excellent time and cost-effective springboard to customization.

Most often, the diversity of modules available to make up the chassis of the lifter is broad enough to be able to create a lifter that fits most environments.

The place on the lifter where most of our customers require customization is on the lifter tool. Our customers often have a uniquely dimensioned load that they need to be able to handle securely, ergonomically and effectively.

Thus, since customization is typically limited to only one or a couple of modules, it is a very manageable task to with a fairly low design and production time.

Well-proved Reliability

Very often customization is born with similar teething troubles as beta-versions of programs and applications. Even though customization may prove out to be a perfect fit, there are often unfortunate downsides such as unreliability and instability.

By combining innovative customization with modular standardization, you reap the benefits from both worlds and the risk of malfunction over time is thus significantly reduced (we of course also thoroughly test and video document every single lifter before it leaves our factory).

Handy Convenience

The easy-to-assemble-and-disassemble-without-breaking-anything principles of modular design also make our material handling solutions very easy to service and repair. Such convenience is surely something your company’s repair team will appreciate. We also have a full spare part program ready, if it comes to that.


Low production and manufacturing costs of modular-based material handling solutions (as compared with the resources required to design and build a fully customized electric lifter) are of course reflected in the product price.

The multi purpose potential of a 2Lift material handling lift may also turn out to be an important cost-effective point if you have several different types of loads you need to lift and handle.

Another aspect of cost-effectiveness is the investment in longevity. If something on your material handling solution breaks or is worn out, there is no need to replace the entire lifter, only the affected module.

Low Production Time

As it is not necessary to reinvent the entire wheel with each product, design and production time is significantly reduced, which means a faster product delivery than what is usually the case with individually tailored material handling solutions.  

We hope you found of use in our presentation of the 2Lift Modular Design. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are curious as to how we may help you. We have our friendly and competent staff ready by the phones to answer any question you may have.

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