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High Quality, Innovative and Reliable Material Handling Equipment for Every Industry, Every Need

Industries Served

Industry Overview: Industrial Material Handling Equipment: The Optimal Lifter for Your Industry Environment

Pharmaceutical: Stainless Steel Cleanroom Equipment for the Pharma Industry: A GMP Optimized Material Handling Lift

Food and Beverage: The Ideal Electric Lifter for the Food and Beverage Industry: A Hygienic Material Handling Lift

Storage: Ergonomic Industrial Material Handling Machinery for Storage Environments in all Industries

Handling Solutions

Handling Overview: The Optimal Material Handling Lift for Rolls, Drums, Pallets, or Boxes

Roll Handling: Innovative Roll Lifting Equipment for Standard Reel Lifting and Complex Roll Handling

Drum Handling: Flexible, Reliable and Ergonomic Drum Handler Solutions for all Needs and Industries

Pallet Handling: Flexible Industrial Pallet Lifter Equipment That Go Beyond the Ordinary Pallet Jack

Box Handling: Flexible Material Lifting Equipment for Handling Any Type of Box Within Any Branch of Industry


Products overview: Innovative Modularly Built Material Handling Products for Heavy Industrial Use

Lifters: Flexible and Intelligent Materials Handling Equipment for all Industries

C-Line: C-Line Lifting Machines: An Economic Choice with no Compromise

C-150: Lightweight and Adaptable Industrial Lift Equipment

N-Line: N-Line Lifting Machinery: A Solid Choice for Most Environments

N-150: Lightweight and Strong Industrial Lifting Equipment

N-300: Medium Sized Lifting Aids for Prolonged, Hard Use

N-500: Powerful Electric Lifts for Heavy Material Handling

SN-Line: SN-Line Vertical Lifts: Cleaning-Friendly Electric Lifters in Stainless Steel

SN-150: Lightweight, Strong and Adaptable Industrial Lifting Aid for Demanding Environments

SN-300: Medium Sized Stainless Steel Material Handling Items Designed for Hard, Daily Use

SN-500: Powerful and Easily Customisable Material Handling Solutions for Extra Heavy Loads

SF-Line: SF-Line Vertical Lift Options: Ideal for the Food and Beverage Industry

SF-150: Lightweight and Hygienic Materials Handling Machinery for the Food and Beverage Industry

SF-300: Medium Sized, Corrosive Resistant Material Handling Machines for the Food and Beverage Industry

SF-500: Powerful and Flexible Ergonomic Lifting Equipment for the Food and Beverage Industry

SP-Line: SP-Line Electric Lift Solutions Tailored the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry

SP-150: High Quality, Lightweight Cleanroom Material Lifts for the Pharma and Biotech Industry

SP-300: Medium Sized Electric, Cleanroom Mini Lift Solutions for the Pharma and Biotech Industry

SP-500: Powerful, GMP-Optimised Industrial Lifting Solutions for Cleanroom Use in the Pharma and Biotech Industry

Tools for Lifters: Our Selection of Material Handling Equipment

Electrical Manipulators: Industrial Lifting Equipment

EC – Electric Clamp: Lifting Clamps for Holding Drums and Rolls

EEU – Electric Expander Unit: Roll Lifting Device for Manipulating Rolls from the Core

ELC – Electric Linear Clamp: Roll or Drum Handling Equipment for Electric Lifters

ELU – Electric Leveling Unit: A Lifter Component for Handling Material Easily and Precisely

ERG – Electric Reel Gripper: A Safe and Flexible Reel Handling Tool for Easy Positioning

ERM – Electric Roll Manipulator: Powerful Roll Handling Tool for Heavy Lifting and Turning

ERU – Electric Rotation Unit: Precise Rotation of Heavy Loads on a Roll Handler or Drum Lifting Device

ETU – Electric Tipping Unit: Ergonomic Tipping Tool for Drum Lifting Equipment and Roll Lifters

Manual Manipulators: Lifting Device Solutions

MRM – Manual Roll Manipulator: Roll Handling Equipment for Gripping and Turning Lighter Rolls

MRU – Manual Rotation Unit: Flexible Rotation Tool for Roll, Drum and Cylinder Handling Equipment

MTU – Manual Tipping Unit: A Safe and Precise Tipping Tool for Roll Handlers and Drum Lifts

RCA – Rail Crane Arm: A Material Handling Crane for Precise Load Positioning

STU – Simple Tipping Unit: A Manual Tipping Tool for Drum Lifters or Box Handlers

SU – Swing Unit: A Manual Swing Tool for Material Handling Cranes or Roll Lifters

VB – V-Block: A Manual Roll Lifter Tool

Non-Manipulators: Industrial Lifting Devices

AF – Adjustable Fork: A Flexible Goods Lift Tool for Lifting Boxes or Pallets

CA – Crane Arm: A Versatile Cranes Lift Tool

DM – Double Mandrel: A Gentle Paper Handling Tool for Lifting Rolls (and Reels)

F – Fork: A Box Handler or Pallet Stacker Tool for Electric Lifters

FN – Fork with Notches: A Simple Roll Lift Tool for Vertical Lifts

M – Mandrel: A Roll and Reel Lifter Tool for Industrial Lifting Machinery

MC – Manual Clamp: Roll Handling or Drum Lifters Tool for Mini Lifts

MCS – Manual Clamp with Spindle: Roll or Drum Handling Solution for Lighter Loads

MLC – Manual Linear Clamp: A Versatile Roll and Drum Lift Tool for Mini Lifts

MP – Metal Platform: Simple and Easily Adaptable Lifting and Handling Equipment

MPR – Metal Platform with Rollers: A Materials Handler Tool for Easy Loading and Offloading

PP – Plastic Platform: A Sliding-Friendly Lifter Machine Tool

PPR – Plastic Platform with Rollers: A Materials Handling Tool for Easy Loading and Offloading

RM – Roller Mandrel: Ergonomic Reel Lifter and Paper Handling Equipment

RP – Roller Platform: Intelligent Lifting Devices for Easy Moving or Reorientation on the Platform

Options for Lifters: Customise Your Lifting Equipment

Alternativ RAL Colour: Electric Lifting Equipment in Alternative RAL Colours

ATEX: ATEX Approved Manual Lifting Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres

Docking System: Lifting Systems for Precise Placement of the Minilift

EN 1.4404 – AISI 316L: Corrosive-Resistant AISI 316L Stainless Steel (EN 1.4404) Material Handling Equipment for Harsh Environments

ESD – Electrostatic Discharge: ESD Safe Lifting Devices that Prohibits the Build Up of Static Electricity

Exchangeable Battery: Exchangeable Battery for Lift Equipment with Different Charger Options

PPS – Programmable Position Stop: A Material Handling Technology for Stopping the Lifting Tool at Pre-Selected Heights

RTC – Rapid Tool Change: Intelligent Industrial Material Handling Solutions: The Rapid Tool Change (RTC) – Same Lifter, Different Lifting Tools


Bespoke solutions: High Quality Bespoke Industrial Material Handling Equipment – An Electric Lifter That Fits Your Exact Need- An Electric Lifter That Fits Your Exact Need

Modular design: Innovative Material Handling Solutions with the 2Lift Modular Design – Exceptional Flexibility and Easy Customization- Exceptional Flexibility and Easy Customization

Custom Non-Manipulators Gallery

Crane Lift with Adjustable Boom Arm: Bespoke Crane Lift Designed to Lift Machine Parts from Tight Spaces

Crane Lifter with Boom Arm for Machine Cover: Customised Crane Lifter with Boom Arm for Lifting a Heavy Machine Cover

Lifting Apparatus with Special Platform for Vessels: Cleanroom Lifiting Apparatus with Specially Built Platform for Vessels

Smart Handling System with Special Tool for Extruder Unit: Smart Handling System for Extruder Unit for Crayon Production

Special Lifter Tool for Handling Cassettes: Special Lifter Tool for Handling Cassettes on Shelving System

Specialist Lifting Equipment for Lifting Mixer Lid: Specialist Lifting Equipment: Electric Lifter with Special Boom Arm for Mixer Lid

Custom Manipulators Gallery

Clean Room Equipment: Lifting Solution with Rotating Double Mandrel for Vessel: Bespoke Clean Room Equipment: Lifting Solution with Rotating Double Mandrel for Vessel

Cleanroom Lifting System for Tipping a Filter: Customised Cleanroom Lifting System for Lifting and Tipping a Large Filter

Industrial Handling Machine to Grip and Hold Boxes: Industrial handling machine with special fork to grip and hold boxes

Lift Clamp for Handling Filter Housing: Bespoke Scissor Lift Clamp for Handling Filter Housing in Cleanroom Environment

Lifting Clamp for Manipulating Large Filter: Special Scissor Lifting Clamp for Manipulating a Large Cylindrical Filter

Lifting Mechanism for Gripping Cans: Customised Lifting Mechanism with Crane Arm for Gripping Cans


Ergonomics: Manual Handling Regulations Guide – Navigating the Jungle of Safe Lifting Rules and Ergonomic Risk Assessments

The NIOSH Lifting Equation: The NIOSH Lifting Equation for Safe Lifting – Are You Lifting too Heavy a Load? Find the Recommended Weight Limit For Your Lifting Task at Work!

Ergonomic Assessment Tools: Tools for Ergonomic Assessment of Manual Handling Tasks – Available Online Calculators, Printable Tables and Models for Lifting, Lowering, Pushing, Pulling or Carrying Loads at Work

Our Resources on Ergonomics and Manual Handling for EU Countries

Germany: Ergonomic Risk Assessments and Manual Handling Regulations in German

Austria: Ergonomics Risk Assessment Tools and Manual Handling Regulations in Austria

France: Manual Handling Risk Assessment Tools and Regulations for Lifting, Pushing and Pulling in France

The Netherlands: Ergonomic Tools, Risk Assessment Analysis and Manual Handling Regulations in the Netherlands / Holland

Ireland: Manual Handling Regulations and Ergonomic Risk Assessment Tools in Ireland

Denmark: Lift and Carry, Push and Pull Ergonomic Guidelines for the Manual Handling of Loads in Denmark

Sweden: Manual Handling Operations Regulations and Ergonomic Risk Assessment Tools in Sweden

Spain: Ergonomics Assessment Tools and Employer Guidelines for Manual Handling Operations in Spain

Portugal: Lifting and Carrying at Work in Portugal: Manual Handling Regulations and Ergonomic Guidelines

Italy: Manual Handling Guide and Ergonomic Assessment Tools in Italy

Other European Countries (not EU)

Switzerland: Manual Handling Regulations and Ergonomic Risk Assessment Tools for Switzerland

Norway: Manual Handling Operations, Regulations and Ergonomic Risk Assessment Tools for Norway

UK: Risk Assessment UK – Manual Handling Regulations and Ergonomic Risk Assessment Tools for the United Kingdom

Other Countries (not U.S. or Europe)

Canada: Moving and Handling Loads in Canada – Manual Handling Regulations and Ergonomic Risk Assessment Tools

Australia: Ergonomic Risk Assessment Tools and Manual Handling Regulations in Australia

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