ELC – Electric Linear Clamp

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ELC – Electric Linear Clamp:
Roll or Drum Handling Equipment for Electric Lifters

The electric linear clamp (ELC) becomes flexible roll or drum handling equipment in combination with arms and grippers.

Our flexible roll and drum handling equipment, the Electric Linear Clamp (ELC) is powered by an electric motor with a self-locking worm gear. This unit is normally combined with arms and gripper hands to fit rolls or drums.

Combined with an Electrical Tipping Unit (ETU) or an Electrical Rotation Unit (ERU), the load can also be tipped or turned.


  • Electrically powered for safe and powerful gripping of loads. 
  • Combine with electric rotation or tipping unit for both gripping and rotation/tipping of loads.
  • Easy customization: dimensions can be modified to customer specifications.
  • Rugged construction for industrial use. With its all-stainless steel construction, the ELC is built to last and for use in demanding industrial environments.
  • Available in hygienic design for use in cleanrooms and the food/beverage industry.

Images for the Electric Linear Clamp (ELC):
Modularly Built Roll and Drum Handling Equipment