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Flexible, Reliable and Ergonomic Drum Handler Solutions for all Needs and Industries

Drum handler equipment for lifting and handling barrels. 2Lift.

With an ergonomic 2Lift drum handler – barrel, vessel, and drum handling has never been easier.

Gone are the days of staff intensive drum lifting tasks that not only drain your budget, but also pose serious health threats to the ergonomic safety of your workers.

Today, the modern, innovative technology and design behind 2Lift‘s drum lifter solutions allow for the lifting and handling of a heavy drum or barrel to be carried out by one person only.

The only human force applied is that needed for pushing or pulling the wheeled drum lifter for transport, and that of simply pushing buttons with a finger on a handheld remote to control the drum handling itself.

All are tasks that are easy and safe to perform.

Whatever Your Drum Handler Needs Are, the 2Lift Modular Design Will Embrace It

All material handling lifts built and manufactured by 2Lift are empowered by the flexibility inherent in the principles of modular design. This means that we can adapt and build your drum lift to suit almost any working purpose, drum / barrel shape and material, and workplace environment.

Thus we are happy to meet all needs for industrial drum handling equipment within our 500 kg weight limit (the weight limit is inclusive of the lifter tool).

  • From standard drum lifters to carry out simple lifting and transporting operations
  • To more complex drum handlers for e.g.:
    • lifting smooth-surfaced and thin-walled drums or barrels
    • with hazardous and potentially health endangering contents
    • in highly regulated and sterilized environments
    • through spaciously challenging working areas characterized by e.g. narrow aisles or low ceilings or door frames
    • where there may be a need to rotate, pour, drain, or dump contents before releasing the drum

Whatever your specifications and requirements may be, we welcome them.

Different Industries, Different Regulations
– Most Likely, We Have Been There and Done That!

When it comes to barrel lifting and drum handling, our customers come from a broad variety of industries characterized by as many different levels of rules and regulations.

Some industries are characterized by highly regulated working environments. Some are not. We can build a drum handler to meet all levels of regulations, even cleanroom requirements.

High industry regulations add extra dimensions of complexity to the design of the drum lifter in order to ensure that the cleaning and wiping down after use is as effective and optimal as possible. (Meeting such high drum lifter demands is our specialty. We are market leaders in designing, and manufacturing cleanroom lifting equipment not only for handling drums, but also for roll lifting equipmentpallet lifters and material lifting equipment for boxes.)

We have delivered countless standard, adapted, and customized drum lifter solutions to the following diversity of industries:

A Drum Is not just a Drum
– Material and Thickness Are Essential Factors in Determining Your Lifting Solution

Innovative and flexible electric drum handling solutions for all manners of drums, barrels and vessels. 2Lift ApS

Drums and barrels come in all types of material, surface texture, thickness and weight classes. All these dimensions will be accounted for in the design of your drum lifter to ensure a safe, consistent, non-damaging grip on and consequent handling of your drum, barrel, or vessel.

One of the most critical things we take great care to avoid is the risk of squeezing your drums too much during the gripping process. The most common factors that determine this level of risk are material strength and wall thickness.

Steel and stainless steel drums are in general stronger and more solid than fiber and plastic, and can handle a higher degree of external pressure from the drum handler.

At 2Lift, such material differences cause no problems. We have drum lifts solutions that will embrace all drum materials and thicknesses.

We Would Be Honoured to Help You Build Your Ideal Drum Handler
– We Will Analyze Your Needs In-Depth and Guide You From Beginning to End

In order to help our customers create and ensure more seamless, efficient and ergonomically safe work processes, we at 2Lift have developed a very efficient and thorough procedure to ensure that we fully uncover your need.

Our many years of experience in the lift building field have taught us just how important even the smallest detail may prove to be:

Building the drum lift just one cm too high, and it won’t go through your door, building the legs to high or long and you won’t be able to position your lift correctly under the pallet on which the drum is placed, exerting too much force on the drum wall, and your drums risk losing its structural integrity, too many small external protrusions on the lift, and it won’t meet your cleanroom requirements and so on and so forth.

Thus we go to great lengths to make sure that we properly understand all your specific needs, requirements and regulations, so they can be accounted for when designing building your drum lifter.

Again, and just to sum up, these are the areas that we will address and process before building and adapting / designing your drum handler solution:

  • The official industry requirements and regulations that determine the work environment procedures.
  • The physical layout and characteristics of the working area.  
  • The drum size (diameter), weight, material, surface texture and thickness.
  • Drum handling needs in terms of e.g. transport and potential rotation, pouring, dispensing and releasing specifications etc.

A Visual Display of Our Adaptable Drum Lift and Drum Handler Solutions

Drum handler solutions for lifting and handling barrels: scissor clamp, linear clamp, double mandrel and platform. 2Lift Aps.

Throughout the many years we have been designing industrial drum handling equipment we have encountered a consistent pattern in the needs for handling drums. The needs are always of lifting and then typically either being able to rotate the drum sideways or tip it forward.

Those needs are reflected in our range of different lifter tools and choice of end-effectors that we can fit together and add to whichever lift design of your choice.

Again, here the flexibility inherent in the 2Lift Modular Design allows us to adapt and build the optimal drum lift solution for your specific needs. And if an element of the drum lifter solution isn’t in our current catalogue, we are always happy to get back to our drawing board and custom design a solution with a perfect fit.

Below you will find a non-exhaustive selection of our high quality and flexible drum lifters. All drum handler solutions are available in steel and stainless steel and may lift from 150 kg to 500 kg (including lifter tool):

Drum Lifter Solutions with Scissor Clamps

Almost all our drum lifters are equipped with clamps as end-effectors. The clamps are fitted with bands to ensure the most gentle, form adaptable contact to the barrel or drum.

What differentiates our drum lift solutions from each other is thus not the end-effector, but the lifting tool. The drum handler models below are designed with a scissor clamp, which is the ideal tool lifter solution for barrels of small to medium size and a weight of up to 100 kg.

Stainless steel barrel and drum lift. The lifter tool, a scissor lift clamp, combined with a rotation unit allows for both lifting and turning the load.

Model ERU-EC: Electric Rotation Unit with Scissor Clamp

With this electric drum lifter solution the drum is gripped at the outer surface with clamps mounted on a scissor lifting tool.

This particular lifting tool allows the drum to rotate sideways, 360° and lifts up to 120 kg.

Drum Handler Solutions with Linear Clamp

Drum and barrel lifters with linear clamp are able to perform much the same tasks as those lifters equipped with scissor clamps, except that their technology allows them to carry a heavier load.

Electric drum lift in GMP compliant standards in stainless steel. A linear clamp and tipping unit allows the drum or barrel to both be lifted and tilted forward.

Model ELC-ETU: Electric Linear Clamp with Electric Tipping Unit

This electric drum lift is fitted with a linear clamp which allows the lifter to lift heavy loads up to 350 kg.

This drum handling equipment is able to tip the drum forward 180°.

Fully electric industrial drum lifter handler with rotation unit and a linear lifter clamp for external holding of the drum or barrel.

Model ERU-ELC: Electric Rotation Unit with Electric Linear Clamp

This drum lifter version is also equipped with a linear clamp which allows for a payload of up to 350 kg.

This drum handler is able to rotate sideways 180° in each direction.

Drum Handling Solutions with Platforms

This barrel and drum lifter with grippers and a supportive metal platform allows the drum or barrel to be gently turned without external pressure.

Model ERU-MP: Electric Rotation Unit with Platform

This electric drum lift clamps the drum with no external pressure which is ideal for pressure-sensitive barrels and vessels.

To support the drum lifting process, bottom support in terms of a metal plate is added.

This drum lifter may rotate 90° in each direction to a horizontal position. Up to 300kg.

Electric and waterproof drum handler equipment fitted with a metal platform. The lifting is managed via a remote control.

Model MP: Platform

The simplest of our drum handling solutions, the platform allows lifting of drums with a weight low enough for them to be slid manually on and off the platform. Up to 450kg.

Handling Is Our Prime Responsibility and That Includes Safety, Comfort and Ergonomics

At 2Lift we do not only care about the optimal handling of drums, our concerns and ambitions go way further than that. We consider the handling of safety and ergonomics the highest and most important guiding principles in our drum lifter design.

The naturally following bonus of that human focus (preventing work injuries and improving on overall health) is the optimization and efficiency of work flow processes. Optimizing on this synergy will always be our goal.

Some of steps we take to meet these ambitions are:

  • Strictly following international standards for maximum strain limits applied to the human body (lifting, lowering and carrying as well as pushing and pulling etc.). These factors are built into all aspects of our lifters to ensure a completely safe and comfortable drum lifting experience.
  • Thorough testing and documentation of all lifter components after production, before the drum lifter leaves our premises, to make sure everything works as should and is ready and safe to be put to use.
  • To ensure the safety of the product as well as your own comfort: we carefully package and wrap up your drum lifter for transport, so that when it arrives is is unharmed and all ready to do the work intended for it.

Need Something Else Than What You’ve Seen Here?
– We Will Be Happy to Customize Your Drum Handler – Flexibility Is Our Trademark

At 2Lift it is our ambition to always do our utmost to meet the needs of our clients, and even better, to exceed them. To us, this is deeply satisfying. We get to create happy customers on a human level and to enrich industry with the best industrial material handling equipment possible on societal level.

The different needs for material handling lift equipment our customers may have are reflected in the way we have built our business:

  • We have standard drum handling equipment, which thanks to the modular design, can be easily be adjusted to suit your needs.
  • But should your needs and requirements be very unique, we also pride ourselves with high quality custom design to create the perfect drum handler to work task / environment match.

If you’re curious to get a glimpse of what we can do custom-wise, please visit our custom solution section for more inspiration. If you have any questions, we more than welcome you to contact us.

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