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Flexible Material Lifting Equipment for Handling Any Type of Box Within Any Branch of Industry

Display of material lifting equipment for boxes - high quality electric lifters. 2Lift ApS.

Boxes – all industries have them. All industries need to handle them.

Material lifting equipment in some shape or other is probably nessesary if the boxes are:

  • are too heavy for personnel to carry and maneuver around by hand
  • come in large numbers
  • require frequent lifting, moving, and handling
  • perhaps come in awkward shapes that make them difficult to handle and carry manually
Industrial material handling lift for boxes. Electrical lifters for all industries. 2Lift.

If you recognize any of the above challenges, then industrial material handling equipment might be your answer.

So if you’re looking for an electric lifter to handle your boxes and crates, we can certainly help you with that.

‘Okay’, you may say, ‘all that’s very well, but those issues are not my only problem, I also have physical environmental challenges in terms of constricted working space as well as industrial regulations to pay attention to.’

No problem, we’d be more than happy can help you with that, too. We can adapt our lifters to suit any environment and any industry regulations (e.g. GMP).

‘All this is great, but what if I need an electric lifter that needs to be part of my storage systems, can you do that as well?’

Indeed we can. We are an OEM supplier for material handling equipment, too!

In 2Lift, we’ll meet and welcome any needs and challenges you may have!

In other words:
– if your material lifting equipment needs are simple and straightforward, we have a wide range of standard solutions for you
– if your lifter needs are special and complex, we can create bespoke solutions and thus help you with that, too

This flexibility in creating solutions (rather than merely offering products) is possible thanks to the modular principles of our design – a concept we call the 2Lift Modular Design.

Get Endless Opportunities and the Perfect Fit with the 2Lift Modular Design
–  Material Lifting Equipment That Will Handle Anything, Anywhere

Examples of electric material lifting equipment for handling boxes. Find the ideal box lifter for individual needs. 2Lift ApS.

If your needs exceed what a standard solution can offer, we can create the individualized custom solution that is the perfect fit for our need.

2Lift is specialized to deal with the situation where you need something out of the ordinary, when you need something more than the usual:

  • All our materials and components are of high quality (predominantly of Danish or German origin).
  • We can combine, adjust and redesign our various components to create the ideal fit, your desired electric lifter solution.
  • We are very service-minded and always ready to guide you and answer any question you may have.

In other words we can:

In this way, the 2Lift Modular Design will embrace and build material lifting equipment perfectly suited your individual needs. (Our material handling lift solutions can lift up to 500 kg at once (including lifter tool) and lift boxes up to 4 meters.)

And if you don’t see what you need in our display below, we will redesign your lifter from scratch.

Lifting all Types of Boxes

We strive to handle even the most awkwardly shaped box needed to be handled in the tightest working space in the most challenging cleanroom environment.

Here at 2Lift our material lifting equipment can lift and handle everything from plastic crates and cardboard cartons to metal containers and fragile packages. We design and manufacture industrial material handling equipment for pretty much:

Our Lifting Tools for Lifting and Handling Boxes

The main differentiating parameter when it comes to designing material lifting equipment for handling boxes is the choice of lifting tool (also called end-effectors).

Different shapes of boxes and different gripping, docking and handling requirements will often make one type of lifting tool more ideal than another.

At 2Lift we can offer three main types of lifting tools for lifting and handling boxes:

  • Forks (singular or double)
  • Platforms (flat or with rollers)
  • Scissor Clamps

All these lifting tools can be specially adapted and built to suit your needs perfectly.

Gallery of Material Lifting Equipment for Lifting and Handling Boxes

Below you will find some visual examples of how we may solve your lifting needs for handling boxes.

Again, these electric lifters are just examples of what we’ve built so far, so if you need something tailored your specific needs (maybe you have environmental constriction such as a low door frame, narrow aisles etc.) we will custom build a specially dimensioned material handling lift for you.

Material Lifting Equipment with Forks

Various forms of forks as lifting tools are our most popular solution for lifting boxes that have a top edge. The forks hold the box right under the edge and then the box is lifted from under that edge.

If there is a need for tipping the box, there is the choice of using a double fork.

On this industrial lifting device we have attached a simple fork to lift e.g. boxes and pallets. Here it is handling a red plastic box.

Model F: Material Lifting Equipment with Fork for Boxes

This material lifting equipment solution features a simple fork which to lift boxes af a given size.

The dimensions of the fork can be modified as required.

Industrial lifting and handling solution with an adjustable fork carrying boxes.

Model AF: Electric Lifter with Adjustable Fork

In this lifting and handling solution the width of the fork is adjustable – this allows for easy handling of boxes of different dimensions.

Strong material lifting equipment with a fork fitted with self-clamping edges ideal for lifting metal boxes.

Model AF: Material Lifting Equipment with Fork Fitted with Self-clamping Edges

This industrial box lifting solution is ideal for metal boxes, since the self-clamping edges supply a firm grip, even when the boxes are deformed or damaged.

An intelligent material handling lift for lifting and turning boxes. A special double fork will hold the box in place via its edges.

Model ERU-DF: Material Handling Lift with Double Fork and Rotation Unit

The double fork allows for boxes to be lifted and rotated to empty their content.

Intelligent handling machine with custom designed fork to lift and empty an ERU black plastic box. 2Lift ApS.

Model ERU-F: Handling Machinery with Fork Fitted with Clamp and Rotation Unit

This piece of material handling machinery features a fork with a clamping device. This allows boxes with a geometry that prohibits the use of a simple fork to be held firmly.

Fitted with a rotation unit, this solution also allows for tipping and emptying boxes.

Electric Lifters with Platforms

A very simple solution for lifting and handling boxes is the use of a platform. This is the standard solution for handling square boxes, typically storage boxes, with no top edges.

The platform can come many different designs:

This electric lifting device for use in the pharma industry is equipped with a metal platform for handling e.g. boxes.

Model MP: Electric Lifter with Stainless Steel Platform for Boxes

This stainless steel material lifting solution features a stainless steel platform – strong and ideal for cleaning.

Fully electric storage material handling equipment with a nylon platform for handling e.g. boxes.

Model PP: Material Handling Equipment with Nylon Platform for Boxes

The nylon platform reduces friction, enabling boxes to be slid on and off with less effort.

Industrial platform lifter with platfom rollers and cardboard boxes.

Model MP: Industrial Platform Lifter with Platform and Rollers for Boxes

Similar to the solutions above but with added rollers allowing boxes to be rolled on and off the platform.

This platform lifter is available with either a stainless steel or nylon platform. Lifts up to 400 kg.

Industrial Material Handling Equipment with Scissor Clamps

If your box has a very special type of geometry that makes it particularly difficult to handle and which is isn’t suited for either forks or platforms, we can build a lifter with a scissor clamp that will grip and put careful pressure on your box from two sides.

Another advantage of the scissor clamp is the possibility of tipping the box, if that is an important handling requirement. Then we place a turning unit behind the clamp which enables it to turn sideways. 

This industrial lifting system features a special box gripper consisting of an electric clamp with rubber padded grippers.

Model EC: Box Gripper with Electric Clamp

This lifting equipment solution features an electric clamp with grippers covered in soft rubber.

With this solution, boxes which cannot be held by a fork, can be gripped and lifted. Lifts up to 120 kg.

This electric lifter for cleanroom use features a special special box gripper (a scissor lift clamp and a set of padded grippers) ideal for rotating and tipping a box.

Model ERU-EC: Box Gripper with Electric Clamp and Rotation unit

Similar to above, this lifting and handling solution features an electric clamp with grippers covered in soft rubber, but with an added rotation unit, which allows for easy emptying of the box.

Lifts up to 120 kg.

Whether You Found what You Needed or not
– Contact Us Either Way

If you found something in the above material lifting equipment gallery that you think is the perfect match for your needs, we’re delighted and will welcome your contacting us about it.

If you didn’t find a solution to your lifting challenges, then please don’t hesitate to contact us either, as there is a very high likelihood that we can custom build the optimal electric lifter, you’re looking for.

If you are curious about what we’ve custom built so far, please take a look at our custom design section, and maybe you’ll find something of inspiration over there.

Regardless of your needs, we will guide you from beginning to end, and in the dialogue process make sure that we’ve mapped out all environmental and industrial needs required to create the optimal material lifting equipment solution for you.

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