F – Fork

F – Fork:
A Box Handler or Pallet Stacker Tool for Electric Lifters

The fork (F) is a fully customisable box lifter or pallet stacker attachment to our industrial lifting machines.

Simple and versatile, the fork (F) is most often used as a pallet stacker tool or box lifter unit, however it may be used for a multitude of other different loads.

Fully customizable, the dimensions can be modified to fit different load sizes and different elements may be added to aid in holding loads in place; an example is the Fork with Notches (FN), which is specifically designed to hold shafts that go through roll cores.

If more adaptability is needed, we can offer the Adjustable Fork (AF).


  • Easy customization: dimensions can be modified to customer specifications.
  • Rugged construction for industrial use. With its all-stainless steel construction, the F is built to last and for use in demanding industrial environments.
  • Available in hygienic design for use in cleanrooms and the food/beverage industry.

Images of the Fork (F):
A Customisable Box and Pallet Stacker Tool