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Industrial Material Handling Equipment: The Optimal Lifter for Your Industry Environment

Industrial material handling equipment for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and storage industry.

Just like a chair is not just a chair, a lift is not just a lift. There is a lot more going on than meets the eye.

When the need for industrial material handling equipment emerges, you will discover (as you probably already have) that getting the exact right material handling lift for your specific needs can be a lot more complicated than anticipated. 

The list of things to be aware of, remember, and consider is long: what characterizes the lift’s desired physical attributes? What are the necessary functional properties? Which kind of environmental considerations are important? Etc.

There are numerous important functional, physical, and environmental aspects to consider.

However, when it comes to material handling equipment, this is not all. We also need to add the dimension of industry regulations to this equation. And now, everything suddenly becomes a lot more complex.  

All these aspects and requirements make it imperative that you find a supplier that makes you feel comfortable and secure, as you ask yourself:

Does my material handling equipment supplier understand my need as wells as my industry’s regulations, procedures, and requirements? Can I rely on his or her advice?

2Lift Is Widely Travelled and Has Had a Foot –  and Handling Lift – in Most Industries

Industrial material handling lifts for all industries. 2Lift.

When we design and build industrial material handling equipment, we pay equal and close attention to both physical and industrial variables. We know the dire consequences – human, corporate, and financial – if one of these areas is neglected or not prioritized highly enough.

Thus, even though physical variables – such as is there space for the lifter, how heavy a load do you need to lift, how will the load be fastened and manipulated, which special safety considerations might there be – are all of crucial importance, so too, are industrial standards and regulations.

Just like environments – procedures, cultures, regulations, and standards vary greatly in different industries.

In 2Lift we have many years of experience serving a wide and colourful palette of different industries. And many of our employees and specialized consultants have previously been employed in many of our key industries (pharmaceuticalfood and beveragestorage), so we fully understand many of the considerations you may have as our customer.

We welcome, appreciate and enjoy each of our customers, the industrial diversity of their backgrounds, and the specific challenges they trust us with.

And through our many projects and close dialogues, we are constantly learning, too, so we can always be up-to-date and do our best. And if we don’t already have an adaptable solution to suit your needs, we are always ready to design a custom solution for the perfect fit.

Suiting up for the Pharmaceutical Industry
– Cleanroom Equipment Supplies: Stainless Steel Handling LiftsStainless steel electric lifters for the pharma industry. GMP compliant roll lifter equipment.

The pharmaceutical industry represents more to us than merely a customer base. Despite potential sterile associations, for us, there is a special emotional tie as well. 

Not only have we delivered countless different pharmaceutical cleanroom equipment to the pharma industry since the company was founded – the very first material handling lift we ever delivered was to a Danish pharmaceutical company for cleanroom use.

So pharma was special to us … and it very much still is. Our interest and passion in developing and designing stainless steel cleanroom equipment for the pharmaceutical industry are, if anything, still growing.

In Pharma, Standards and Regulations, Rule
– The Importance of Strict Adherence to Standards When Delivering Industrial Material Handling Equipment

First of all, delivering pharmaceutical handling equipment to the pharma industry means understanding the importance of compliance to standards.

We know this, and we know that there is no way around it. If an audit is failed due the lack of industry compliance, the problems and cost involved are more than significant.

Accommodating the Challenging Interplay of Hygienic Clothing and Handling Machines …  Ergo, Ergonomics

Industrial material handling equipment for the pharma industry and medicinal industry. Pharma lifters.

Hygienic and stainless steel design for clean-rooms is obviously required for many pharma equipments.

But apart from designing our solutions so they comply with the standards required for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and cleanrooms, our understanding of the industry allows us to understand the ergonomics involved when having to operate industrial material handling equipment in a clean-room environment.

Wearing hygienic safety equipment such as cleanroom coveralls / gown, Latex / PVC / Nitrile gloves, glasses, plastic bags over shoes or rubber booties etc. can make manual handling cumbersome and uncomfortable.

We know this and take it into account when designing our pharma handling equipment. For instance the user interface is designed such that it accommodates gloved hands. We design the buttons on our remote control so that they are easy to feel through the glove and do not pinch the glove material.

In a world which involves improving people’s health through one’s products, the pharmaceutical industry often goes above and beyond the standard safety requirements, when it comes to protecting its employees. As a company, we do the same and build this way of thinking into all our products.

Learn more about our lifters for cleanroom use and find examples of our cleanroom equipment here.

A Quick Taste of the Food and Beverage Industry
–  Going for the Strength of S: Strong, Solid and Stable Stainless Steel Handling EquipmentElectric pallet lifter in stainless steel for the food and beverage industry. Corrosion resistant.

We view the food and beverage industry as the closely related sibling of the pharmaceutical industry. Industry specifics aside, demands and regulations are often high on everything, right from design and ergonomics, to material and coating.

Understanding the food and beverage industry also starts with a solid foundation in hygienic design in compliance with GMP.

The Importance of Sanitary Design

Hygienic electric lifters in stainless steel for the food and beverage industry.

Designing industrial material handling equipment for use in hygienic environments requires not only that properly cleaning all essential parts of the lifter is possible, the ease with which it is done, is also critical for cost efficiency and the user experience.

Also – and this may seem like a common design consideration, but we know that is not to be trifled with – in food and beverage production it is absolutely critical that no lifter parts/particles can end up in what is being produced. A lifter is, after all, best off as a lifter, and production goods, as production goods.

The ‘Musts’ of Reliability and Robustness
– Food and Beverage Production Takes Its Toll on the Lifting Equipments

Often, our industrial lifting equipment is used in a 2-3 shifts, 7 days a week. We understand this, and know that it means that in such fast paced production environments, extra strains are placed on the handling equipment involved.

With our robust design and flexible features, such as exchangeable batteries, we accommodate this.

We Cut no Corners! Stainless Steel Means Stainless Steel

The food and beverage industry often demands a high degree of corrosion resistance for the equipment used in the production environment. Salty foods and beverages are challenging for the equipment in the long run and take their toll on most metals.

When we deliver stainless steel lifters for handling e.g. rolls and drums, we take it very seriously and do no shortcuts: no galvanized steel parts are used anywhere.

We deliver AISI 304 as standard and AISI 316L as an option. An ingress protection of IP65 is standard for our SF-lifters allowing for easy cleaning with a hose.

For more information about what we can do for you in the food and beverage industry, please visit our food and beverage lifters page

Making Room for the Storage Industry
– Storage and Handling Equipment for Different Storage Needs

Material handling equipment for lifting boxes in the storage industry.

Work processes in the storage industry usually involve lifting and handling in ways where available space and time are critical. Understanding the process and workflow involved is critical for finding the optimum solution when it comes to designing engineering handling operations for storage.

In most industries there are many advantages to optimising the storage and retrieval process involved in for an example manufacturing. Large amounts of time and money can be saved and employee health and safety can benefit greatly.

We design industrial material handling equipment to meet your specific needs when lifting and handling boxespallets, and other storage containers.

When Storage Goes Beyond Handling Square Boxes
– We Can Handle the Odd-Shaped Items, too

Also, we provide solutions to lift and move items for production to and from storage also when these are not stored in any standard container. We specialise in custom solutions to lift and handle almost any item.

As mentioned we deliver countless solutions to different storage needs in different industries.

2Lift Adds to the Synergy of OEM Solutions

We also deliver OEM solutions to companies that deliver storage systems. In this way we contribute in delivering optimised storage solutions where material handling lifters have been part of the storage design from the onset.   

Storage industrial handling machinery for any type of industry.

For more insight and inspiration on what we can do for the storage industry, please feel free to explore our in-depth storage and handling equipment page.

If you have any question or comment regarding anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer your questions the best we can.

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