Lightweight and Adaptable Industrial Lift Equipment

Industrial lift equipment from the 150-line. Lightweight and affordable.

The C-150 is our lightest lifter.

This piece of industrial lift equipment is strong and easy to manoeuvre, and is the economical solution to lifting lighter loads that do not require mounting of electric lifting tools (thus the C-150 can use most of our manual manipulators and non-manipulators).

This vertical lift is capable of lifting up to 150 kg (including the mounted lifting tool), and is the obvious choice where a high quality lifter is required at an affordable price.



  • Self-locking gear system for safety and accuracy. In case of electrical failure the mechanical system automatically brings the lifter to an immediate standstill.
  • Easily customizable: height of lifting column and dimensions of wheel base can be modified to customer specifications.
  • Rugged construction for industrial use. With its all-steel construction, the C-150 is built to last and for use in demanding industrial environments. Featuring a fully welded wheel base, these lifters do not become loose or wobbly even after many years of intensive use.
  • Ergonomic handle designed to allow the user multiple different grips depending preference and situation.
  • Robust remote control specifically designed for our lifters. Where practically all other lifters use a remote control with a plastic housing, our remote control features a full metal body and a high quality PU spiral cable. These remote controls do no crack or break when dropped and the cable remains flexible even after many years of use.
  • Dual speed lifting and lowering. The control unit and remote control allow for either full speed operation or lifting at a reduced speed. The reduced speed is pre-set to the desired value on the control unit.
  • Large range of lifting tools:  A large range of non-electrical lifting tools (manual manipulators and non-manipulators) are available in standard versions along with the option of bespoke lifting tools.
  • Cambelt drive: The use of an AT-10 cambelt ensures smooth, reliable operation with no need for lubricants or continuous maintenance.
  • Wheels and castors: We use non-marking wheels and swivel castors with quality bearings making the lifter easy to maneuver. A large selection of different wheels are available to ensure that they suit different height requirements and floor surfaces.
  • Electronic overload protection – immediately stops all movement if lifter is overloaded.

C-150 Industrial Lift Equipment: Product Data

Lifting Capacity150 kg150 kg150 kg150 kg
Total Height1.500 mm1.975 mm2.350 mm1.300-3.500 mm
Footprint (LxW)828×577 mm828×577 mm828×577 mm828×577 mm
Stroke1.000 mm1.480 mm1.850 mm805-3.005 mm
Lifting Speed – No load130 mm/s130 mm/s130 mm/s130 mm/s
Rear Wheelsø125 mm – Brakeø125 mm – Brakeø125 mm – Brakeø125 mm – Brake
Front WheelsSwiveling ø50 mmSwiveling ø50 mmSwiveling ø50 mmSwiveling ø50 mm
Surface TreatmentPowder Coat – RAL 9007Powder Coat – RAL 9007Powder Coat – RAL 9007Powder Coat – RAL 9007
Battery Capacity24 V – 9 Ah 24 V – 9 Ah24 V – 9 Ah24 V – 9 Ah
Battery ChargerExternal – 24 V 3.5 AExternal – 24 V 3.5 A External – 24 V 3.5 AExternal – 24 V 3.5 A
Power Supply110-230 V AC110-230 V AC110-230 V AC110-230 V AC
Control UnitSolid-state PLCSolid-state PLCSolid-state PLCSolid-state PLC
User Control SystemRemote control Remote controlRemote controlRemote control
Overload Protection Current monitor with cut-offCurrent monitor with cut-offCurrent monitor with cut-offCurrent monitor with cut-off

Examples of C-150 with lifting tools

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