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C-Line Lifting Machines: An Economic Choice with no Compromise

These are our lightweight and highly manoeuvrable lifting machines. They are a good match for most industrial environments and ideal in work situations where no electrical lifting tools are required (see our manual manipulators and non-manipulators).

Further more, these lifters are our most economically priced lifting aids, however, there has been made no compromise with regard to quality. All major lifter components are made of steel, making these industrial lifters strong and durable. The standard colour of RAL 9007 is achieved by powder coating.

Using the same basic components as in our other lifters, the C-line lifters are built for industrial use.

Our Versions of C-Line Lifting Machines

In order to keep a very low weight on the lifting equipment itself, the C-Line comes in one version only, the C-150. This means that it can lift up to 150 kg including the chosen lifting tool. All our other lines come in three versions that have different load capacities (150 kg, 300 kg and 500 kg).

Please follow the link below for more detailed information on the C-150 handling machinery.

Lifting Lighter Loads and Doing It Often?
This Ergonomic Electric Lifter Might Be Just What You Need!

If your work situation requires a fair amount of repetitive lifting of relatively low weight loads, this particular ergonomic lifter might be your answer. Besides being strong and durable, the most prominent feature of this lifting aid is its low weight which makes it easy and ergonomically optimal to move around.

This piece of lifting equipment also has an external battery charger that can be taken off the lifter itself making it even lighter.

This Battery Powered Lifter Is a Good Match for Most Work Environments

The C-line lifter is strong, durable and versatile and is compatible with the requirements of most work environments.

This means that the work environments of our C-line customers vary broadly. We have delivered lifting equipment from the C-Line series to everything from storage facilities, factories, and packaging, garages, workshops, the automotive industry to the graphic design industry, optical manufacturing, general industrial production, laboratories, offices, retail, transport industry and many more.

The Power of Modularity Enables Our Lifting Machines to Handle Nearly any Type of Load

When designing our lifting devices we wanted to make them as flexible and versatile as possible. Using a modular approach in our overall design, enables us to mix and match lifters, tools and many other options as we see fit.

One of the many benefits of modularity is what may be called ‘standard’ customisation. From our range of standard equipment you can assemble your own lifter to suit your specific needs while still keeping the price low.

With our standard tools for this line (which are non-electric, as already mentioned) you can lift all sorts of items and loads. Some of our most sold lifters on this line are equipped with lifting tools such as mandrels, roll manipulators, V-blocks, simple forks, platforms and crane arms.

These tools can lift a multitude of lighter loads such as boxes, bins, crates, cans, containers, rolls, reels, dollies, drums and the like.

C-Line Options for Special Work Situations and Environments

To further customise a lifter to fit your specific needs we have a designed a number of options to ensure safety as well as a smooth and efficient work process. If you decide on a lifter from the C series, you can add the options of docking systems, a rapid tool change adaptor and alternative RAL colours to your lifting machinery.

When having to pick up or position loads at a precise location, it is imperative to have good lifting systems for accurate docking.

Docking System

There are situations where it is critical that the lifter is positioned at a precise location. In cases like this, we offer a docking system that allows for quick and easy positioning of the lifter.


Modular industrial material handling solutions: The rapid tool exchange adaptor (RTC). With this system you can use the same lifter for different kinds of loads by changing the lifter tool.

RTC – Rapid Tool Change

The rapid tool change adaptor (RTC) allows the same lifter to use multiple lifting tools and makes exchanging these easy and time efficient.


Our non-stainless steel electric lifting equipment can be painted in the RAL colour that fits your needs. On the picture you'll see a lifter with a blue hue.

Our non-stainless lifters (N line) can be supplied in alternative RAL colors in addition to the standard colour.


Do Your Needs Exceed Those of the C-Line?

If your work situation requires a lifter in more or less constant use, we would recommed taking a look at our N-Line. N-Line lifters are also in steel and are also lightweight (but not as light as C-Line) but they have a larger battery capacity which is useful if the lifter is to be used non-stop, shift after shift.

Furthermore with the N-Line also comes the option of exchangeable batteries which further adds to the already larger the battery capacity.

Also if your load has very special dimensions, we also offer the option of full customisation of the lifter and the lifter tool.

Our Other Lines of Lifting Machines

Easily adaptable lifting machinery for most industrial environments.


Discover our GMP compliant cleanroom equipment for the pThe N-Line represents our standard lifters for most environments. These lifters are extremely versatile, and all major components are made of steel, making these lifters strong and durable. Material handling equipment from this line can lift between 150 kg and 500 kg.


Modularly designed vertical lifts for industries that require surface cleaning.


The SN-line features our basic stainless steel lifter. The waterproof grading is IP31, which makes it suitable for surface cleaning with a wet cloth, but not a rinsing down with a hose. Not all components are of stainless steel – this goes for components inside the column and on the wheels. Lifting equipment from this line can lift loads of either 150 kg, 300 kg or 500 kg.


Waterproof and hygienic Vertical lift options for the food and beverage industry.


The SF-range of lifters are specifically tailored to the high demands pertaining to the food and beverage industry. These stainless steel lifters are fully waterproof with an of IP65 which means they are built to withstand a good hosing down with water. Components such as lifter column and motor department are not built to keep out particles, which means it not built for cleanroom use. These lifters come in a 150 kg, 300 kg and 500 kg variant.


GMP optimised electric lift equipment for cleanroom environments.


Stainless steel lifters tailored for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry with focus on hygienic design. Rated IP65 and with a total lifting capacity between 150 and 500 kg.


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