MRU – Manual Rotation Unit

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MRU – Manual Rotation Unit:
Flexible Rotation Tool for Roll, Drum and Cylinder Handling Equipment

Manual rotation unit (MRU) for rotating heavy loads. This flexible rotation tool combined with either drum, roll or cylinder handling equipment allows for safe manual turning of loads via a handle.

Looking for a manual device for rotating loads? This tool combined with either e.g. roll, drum or cylinder handling equipment might be your answer.

This manual version of our electrical rotation unit allows the user to rotate a load by turning a handle on the side of the unit.

Internally, a worm gear transfers the movement from the handle to the load and ensures that it stays in place, since the gear is self-locking.

The MRU is perfect for heavy, off-centre loads, which need to be manipulated in a precise and controlled manner.


  • Self-locking gear system for safety and accuracy.
  • Large gear ratio allows for the manipulation of heavy off-centre loads.
  • Modular design allows the MRU to be combined with a large number of other lifiting tools to hold and rotate various loads.
  • Rugged construction for industrial use. With its all-stainless steel construction, the MRU is built to last and for use in demanding industrial environments. 
  • Handles loads up to 400 kg.

Images for the Manual Rotation Unit (MRU):
Rotation Tool for Roll, Drum and Cylinder Handling Equipment